• Top brands like Pfizer, Samsung, and Toyota are beginning to embrace the cryptocurrency space.
• Tradecurve is gaining attention from these top companies because of its features and momentum in its presale.
• Tradecurve platform enables users to trade US and European equity CFDs, forex, indices, commodities, options, ETFs, bonds, and crypto without needing to complete a KYC requirement.

Exploring Cryptocurrency by Top Brands

The Axios Harris Poll 100 has conducted an annual survey with the goal of assessing the public reputation of notable brands in the United States. This survey involved 16,310 Americans to determine which companies have the highest levels of public awareness. Among many projects that were highlighted in this survey was Tradecurve which has become a top pick among many projects.

Why Pfizer, Samsung & Toyota Have Begun Exploring Crypto

Leading American brands have begun to explore crypto and Web3 opportunities. One of them is Pfizer which joined a working group in 2019 to research blockchain technology for supply chain management. Toyota Motor Corporation also unveiled plans earlier this year to establish the Toyota Blockchain Lab which examined potential opportunities of Web3, NFTs, blockchain and digital wallets. Samsung also announced a Smart TV patent that will enable users to buy NFTs directly from their homes.

Tradecurve As The Best Pick

Tradecurve has gained significant level of attention due its features and momentum during its presale stage where one token is worth $0.015 but will increase further during next stages up to $0.018 while aiming for $20 million as part of raising funds by onboarding 100000 users within first three months after launch date. It enables users to trade US and European equity CFDs without any KYC requirement enabling complete privacy with maximum security as each user has control over their private keys at all times along with AI-oriented trading bots for algorithmic trading or copy trading capabilities for automated execution of trades according to user set criteria’s providing ease of use along with benefits such as low cost transactions due no middlemen involvement etc..

Security & Privacy Features

As mentioned above Tradecurve provides maximum security through full control over private keys enabling complete anonymity & privacy for its customers who don’t need even need to complete a KYC requirement making it more secure than other platforms out there . Furthermore , it provides AI-oriented trading bots which makes algorithmic trading easier as well as copy trading feature which enables automated execution according user set criteria’s at lower costs than usual due no middlemen involvement .


The cryptocurrency space is gaining more traction day by day due growing popularity among leading brands such as Pfizer ,Samsung ,Toyota etc.. Moreover , Tradecurve being one popular project rising among these giants due features such as AI-oriented trading bots ,copy trading ,low costs transactions etc.. All this ensures maximum security & privacy along with low transaction costs ensuring overall satisfaction .