Bittrex Global launches trading in tokenized stocks like Tesla, Apple and Amazon.

A total of 12 stocks can now be traded on Bittrex Global

On December 7th, Bittrex announced Globalthat traders and investors can now trade listed companies such as Tesla, Google or Apple on the crypto exchange.

The highlight: tokenized shares are traded.

Bittrex Global users do not have to pay any additional fees. In cooperation with DigitalAsset.AG, shares can now be purchased with US dollars, Tether and Bitcoin.

Share tokenization on the rise

The trend for stocks to tokenize seems to be gaining momentum. It was only in November that the FTX crypto derivatives exchange announced that customers would be allowed to register for trading with Tesla and Co. In addition, the BaFin only recently gave the green light to Publity AG and the company is now allowed to tokenize shares.

Bittrex Global says its initiative to tokenize shares of Tesla, Apple and Co. is the first step in creating more accessible markets. In the future, funds, indices and other asset classes should also be tradable on Bittrex.