• Polygon (MATIC) is set to launch its highly anticipated zkEVM protocol today. This will bring EVM compatibility to Ethereum, making transactions faster and cheaper on the blockchain.
• Last week, altcoins such as MATIC and FET have seen large transactions worth over $40 million on their networks. Santiment has also listed other altcoins such as MANA, DIA, IMX and SAND that should be watched out for.
• Despite MATIC still trading downwards, market players are hopeful for a bullish recovery following the zkEVM launch.

Polygon zkEVM Launching Today

The entire Polygon community is eagerly awaiting the launch of Polygon’s highly anticipated zkEVM protocol today. The zkEVM will bring EVM compatibility to Ethereum, which will make transactions faster and more affordable on the blockchain network.

Altcoin Transactions Surpass $40 Million

Last week saw several altcoins record some of their biggest transactions in 2021 so far, with MATIC and FET seeing transactions worth over $40 million each on their networks. Santiment has also highlighted other coins like MANA, DIA, IMX and SAND that could be potentially profitable investments for traders looking to capitalize on these large whale moves.

Bullish Sentiments Around MATIC Prices

Despite MATIC prices still trending downwards at the moment, market players remain cautiously optimistic about a possible bullish reversal with the upcoming launch of the zkEVM protocol. With this new technology coming into play soon, investors are eager to see if it will drive up MATIC prices in response.

zkEVM Protocol Testnet Unveiled Last Year

The Polygon zkEVM was initially rolled out mid-2022 and its testnet was unveiled in October of that same year. On the mainnet version of this protocol, batches of 10M gas can have proof times of less than 2 minutes – making it much faster than traditional Ethereum transactions without compromising scalability or security standards..


Overall, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the impending launch of Polygon’s innovative zkEVM protocol today – especially among investors hoping for a bullish recovery in MATC prices following its implementation. As altcoins continue to process bigger and bigger transactions every week with no signs of slowing down anytime soon we could be seeing more major whales entering these markets soon too!