• Bitcoin (BTC) has been facing mild turbulence in recent weeks, but top market analysts are seeing signs of bullish momentum building.
• Negentropic suggests that the stage is being set for a potential bull run and that the dip to $25,000 could present an opportunity for accumulation.
• The analyst also points out that weak longs may cause market turbulence before the predicted rally.

Bitcoin Experiencing Mild Turbulence

Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s leading crypto, has been experiencing mild turbulence in recent weeks. This has caused erratic price action and hindered its growth.

Optimism From Market Analysts

Top market analyst foresees a bright future ahead for the cryptocurrency despite these obstacles. Glassnode co-founder and pseudonymous crypto analyst Negentropic have recently expressed optimism regarding Bitcoin’s future prospects following its recent dip to the $25,000 level. He backed his statement with a chart which highlighted that BTC is currently retesting a “neckline” and may be entering a consolidation phase before resuming its upward trend.

Weak Long Traders May Impact Price Action

Negentropic suggests that the recent plunge in Bitcoin’s price can be attributed to FUD generated by SEC lawsuit against Binance, but also hints at an opportunity for a rebound due to overselling caused by this news. On short-term prediction, he believes that $25,000 area could present a solid opportunity to accumulate Bitcoin as a major move is on the horizon according to him. He warns that there may be market turbulence before this predicted rally due to behavior of weak longs who are more inclined to exit their positions fast if they notice any price fluctuations unfavorable movements in prices.

Price Maintains Support Amid Turbulence

The analyst highlights a bullish indicator for Bitcoin by pointing out that it held support at the $25,000 level amid drop induced by news of SEC case against Binance which implies strong buying pressure even during bearish times like these..


All in all, while there have been significant hurdles impairing Bitcoin’s progress recently, top market analysts still remain optimistic regarding its future prospects as seen from price maintaining support amid turbulent times and potential uptick due overselling caused by FUD surrounding Binance’s SEC lawsuit; hence hinting at possibility of major move potentially taking place soon with $30k being next possible target if current momentum holds up accordingly .